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Unit Price

Mary's Magnets
Unique watercolor/pen refrigerator magnets
$10.00 for the 2 x 2, $15.00 for 3 x 3, 10% discount for 6 or more magnets
AF-40 (acidfree lining paper) 40" width (120 gsm)
s/r $17.45 per single roll (36 sq. ft) - shipped as 3-roll bolts
AF-20 (acidfree lining paper) 20" width (120 gsm)
s/r $17.45 per single roll (36 sq. ft) - shipped as 3-roll bolts
Band-aids, fingertip/knuckle
$6.99 per box of 20
Band-aids, extra-long
$6.99 per box of 20
blue blades $10.45 per box of 100
broadknife (10-inch Hammer Head)
Decorators Varnish (Dead Flat) $26.45 per quart
Gaffer's Tape $16.45
oil of cloves $9.95 per one fl. oz. bottle of essential oil
paperhanger's canvas .42¢ per sq. ft. up to 4500 sq. ft.
paperhanger's canvas .27¢ per sq. ft. for amounts over 4500 sq. ft.
P-H Wheat 2 lb. bags $11.95 for 2 lb. size
P-H Wheat 4 lb. bags $19.50 for 4 lb. size
P-H Cellulose 1/2 lb. bags $15.95 for 1/2 lb. size
P-H Cellulose 1 lb. bags $22.55 for 1 lb. size
terry cloth hand towels $9.95 per pack of 5
tacks $16.50 per box of 1000
The Showroom Handbook $29.95 per copy
WS-30 (regular lining paper) 30" width (120 gsm) s/r $8.95 per single roll (36 sq. ft.); comes in 3-roll bolts

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