Comments on "The Showroom Handbook"

picture of the Showroom Handbook"Congratulations on a fine book with your book on wallpaper! Your willingness to share your knowledge with others is a wonderful trait that I hope continues well into your future". -Dr. Frank Koe, Dean, N.Y. School of Interior Design

"It's the best type of book - practical with a great deal of useful information. I am sure I will refer to it often" -Richard Nylander, chief curator for the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities and author of "Wallpapers for Historic Buildings"

"...crammed with good information!" -Karin Peterson, associate director, Antiquarian & Landmarks Society, Hartford, CT.

"Returned from England to find your excellent book. Thank You!" -Gersil Kay, director, Building Conservation International, Philadelphia, Pa.

"Your book is just what I expected: thorough and filled with useful information that any installer from beginner to expert can profit from. I found it an excellent reference manual". -Arthur Adamson, trade school instructor, Middlesbrough, England

"I would like to recommend Bob Kelly's new book, "The Showroom Handbook for Wallpaper Installations". -John Cox, American School of Paperhanging Arts, in American Painting Contractor

"A friend of mine who just arrived back from the States showed me the book, which I thought was excellent". -Ronald Liner, board member of the Master Painters Association of Victoria, Bayeyn, Melbourne, Australia