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It was John Cox, founder of the American School of Paperhanging Arts, who said “you never do exactly the right amount of prep. It’s either too much, or too little.” More than ever, professional paperhangers need to do too much prep.
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Wallpaper Prep 2.0

Maine Antique Digest: "This well-researched book explores the history of wallpaper and gives an in-depth look at the who, what, where, and how of wallpaper in England, Europe, China, and America. The visually inclined may wish there were more to view, but the line drawings of paper designs by Jean-Michel Papillon and other early illustrations of printers and installers at work are fascinating. With plenty of original research, as evidenced in the extensive back material, this well-written book is informative and engaging." (M.A.D. staff, December, 2013)

Hello Sports Fans! 2 changes!

New price and new width!

We are now selling our acclaimed rag-based acid free lining paper for $13.95 per single roll, and also offering this paper in a 20” width in addition to the 40” width. Why the narrow width? Reasons: you may be a small person and the 40” width is a bit of a stretch; you may be working in a narrow stairwell and the 40” width is unwieldily; you may not feel like setting up an extra-wide table for a small job. As you were!

We no longer sell blankstock!

If you need blankstock we suggest you send an email to: info@astek.com (Astek) or customerservice@wallliner.com (Cavalier.

If you've ordered blankstock from us before and want to know more about changes in the lining paper market, we want to hear from you; the number to call is: 413-281-1715


The Paper Hangings product line is for professional paperhangers working with traditional wallpapers such as screenprints, blockprints, and European machine prints.

Paper-Hangings fills a need in the wallcoverings industry - we provide specialized products on a wholesale basis for the high-end residential market.

Genuine Gaffer’s Tape!

We got it! Genuine Gaffer’s Tape! Wow!

What is a “gaffer” you may ask? And with good reason, for gaffers are not around every street corner! A gaffer is not a best boy nor a key grip. A gaffer is a professional, usually the head electrician, who works behind the scenes in the theatre and thus on movies sets, rock concerts, and so on. A gaffer is a person who needs multiple rolls of heavy tape to secure wires, leads, cables…..and that would be Gaffer’s Tape. Who cares? We do!

The really nice thing about Gaffer’s Tape (and the reason why you will get hooked) is that it is a cloth-based tape that has no residue despite great tack. This means that you can safely and easily tape drop cloths together. Not only will they stay put, but when it’s time to move on down the road the tape will come off with ease. Far superior to the many types of blue tape we have tried. Size of the roll is 2” x 55 yd., and the price is $15.25 per roll.

Paintings by Mary T. Kelly

These beautiful notecards would make great gifts. The inside is blank so you can customize your message. Individual cards can be ordered for $2.95 each, or create a collection of 4 cards for the price of $9.95.

Adams Morning

Berkshire Birches


Snowshoe Walk

NEW Products!

1. Band-aids:
Did you know that the original band-aid was invented in 1920 by Earle Dickson, employee of Johnson & Johnson and the husband of Josephine Dickson? It seems that Josephine frequently cut and burned herself while cooking. Ouch! Did you know that band-aids lost their trademark status (a process known as GENERICIDE) despite the efforts of Barry Manilow, who composed the immortal jingle "I'm stuck on Band-Aid brand because Band-Aid's stuck on me!”? Well the trademark did not “stick” despite his best efforts, joining the ranks of kleenex, granola, zipper and bikini. Did you know that the only band-aids I carry in my tool box are the extra-long type that wrap many times ever so nicely and stay on all day? Oh, and I also carry the fingertip/knuckle combo, because those parts of the hand are exactly those that suffer the most during the heat of battle! Now you, too, can enjoy these fine band-aids from your favorite purveyor — Paper-Hangings!
Note: we sell only these two types: fingertip/knuckle, and extra-long.
There are 20 band-aids per box, and each box goes for 4.99 — less than .25 per band-aid.

2. Terry Cloth Hand Towels:
After many moons of searching, we've located what we believe to be the best hand towels around! These 12" x 12" soft white towelsare the perfect size and have all the properties that paperhangers like: absorbency, balanced texture, and strength, at a reasonable cost. We sell these in a 5-pack at 7.50 per pack. Yes, we know that micro-fiber towels (sometimes known as"mifties") are popular. Yet, the texture of mifties can be a little off-putting, especially when wet. These bar towels have maximum absorbency and keep your hands dry and clean, as they should be. Best of all, they're so small, they fit into a pouch or apron easily, so they're always at hand!

3. 10-inch "Hammer Head" Broadknife:
The best trimming device I have found in over 35 years of paperhanging!
Firm where you need it to be, yet flexible if needed…and wide enough for long cuts.
Fits easily in your back pocket — always with you.
This is the real deal, solidly constructed with brass hammer head base from Hyde (Southbridge, Massachusetts).
For the price of $26.50.
Order today, there are not many left!

4. Focusing Rail for Palm Lasers:
Everyone who has a laser NEEDS a focusing rail.
This nifty unit was developed for macro-photography; it allows a camera to slide down a rail to focus precisely on tiny objects; the aluminum cast alloy body has rack and pinion fine-tuning which saves your sanity by putting your laser line EXACTLY WHERE YOU WANT IT…..just think, no more "a little to the right…a little to the left…no, back to the right…no, back to the left…"
Once the beam is where you want it, a separate precision device (ok, a screw) locks it in place.
Can be adapted easily to a variety of laser poles and mounts.
and all for the price of 26.50!